TF Style Flanges
Model TF flanges are produced from precisely the same high-strength cast iron as the S flanges, but are designed to accommodate the global conventional Taper Lock bushing for simple installation and elimination
TF Style flanges enable for mounting the bushing about the front (hub) side on the flange
TF flanges can be found in sizes six through 16 and might be applied with any kind of sleeve as pictured on webpage SF-5
TR Sort Flanges
TR flanges are related to the TF fashion, but let to the Taper Lock Bushing to become mounted and removed from
the reverse or serration side from the flange
The limited torque ratings from the Taper Lock Bushings permit TR flanges to only be used with EPDM or Neoprene sleeves
Distinctive bushing sizes are used, so they’ve distinctive greatest bores than the TF flanges
Sizes 6 via 16 can be found
Taper-Lock Bushings
The field typical taper lock bushing is actually a split design allowing a compression match of the flange to the shaft without having set screws
The basic design tends to make the installation and elimination simple when the 8° taper grips tight and delivers superb concentricity
A Diminished level of stock can be accomplished due to the many other power transmission elements that use Taper Lock Bushings including: sheaves, sprockets, and pulleys
won’t provide the Taper-Lock Bushings themselves as they’re extensively offered from other manufacturers